April showers bring May flowers

It's been a whirlwind of hustling, learning, creating, and growth the past couple weeks. Last week, I had the pleasure of working the inimitable Janet of Floral Verde (@floralverde) in Cincinnati. I've never visited Ohio and was truly blown away by the many blooming branches and vines and flowers growing in her neighborhood. I mean, there was freaking clematis climbing up mailboxes and exquisite bearded irises and columbine beauties sprouting right out of the ground. 

While Janet and I were creating floral arrangements in her studio, we listened to several different podcasts and radio programs, including Freakanomics and This American Life. Prior to making the trip, I asked for podcast recommendations on Instagram and heard an overwhelmingly positive response suggesting NPR's latest, S-Town. The host, Brian Reed, receives an email from a man in a rural town in Alabama (aka Shit Town) about a possible murder cover-up in the town's recent history. Through the series, listeners follow a tale of shrouded truths and find both depth and humanity in the quiet gifts we offer to those we love. My friend Dylan offered a keen reflection, she thought Reed uncovered the story with an unbiased lens, highlighting the depth and complexity of the story's key players. I highly recommend the series to anyone who enjoyed Serial. S-Town has a similar flavor with a maze of twists and turns throughout. 

After we finished delivering the flowers to each of Janet's events last Saturday, Janet asked me the most glorious question, "Hey, want to go foraging?" To say my eyes lit up and my shoe laces tied themselves with excitement would be an understatement. We cut mauve tree peonies(!) and bountiful branches of spirea(!) from her childhood backyard. We hit Kroger supermarket and Home Depot to pick up flowers and plants to cut for our project to mix in with our newly foraged friends. It was a beautiful way to end our busy week of creating and an experience I will treasure as a highlight of my career. 

Below is a photo of the bouquet I made featuring foxglove, tree peonies, hellebores, spirea, orchids, garden roses, and assorted foliage tied with trailing silk ribbons (swoonface):

 Photo by Janet Martineau of Floral Verde

Photo by Janet Martineau of Floral Verde